About us

Aratex Textile Trading is a 3rd generation family business that has grown from humble street merchant beginnings in Aratex-Logo1948 to an international business trusted by our many esteemed clients. Today the company boasts a physical presence in Dubai, Warsaw, Moscow, Bucharest, Limassol, Cairo, and Shaoxing, with further expansions in the pipeline.

Crucial to the company’s success has been the development of longstanding, committed and honest relationships with our suppliers who’s mills are located in Thailand, Indonesia, China, and Malaysia, to name a few. It is our company’s policy to create and sustain close links with both our suppliers and our customers. Our commitment to deliver our clients only the finest of work-wear, shirting, lining, and suiting items, has seen the company invest in quality control mechanisms; after all, reliability is our true fabric.

Offering a variety of compositions, weights, densities, and finishings, Aratex Textile Traders are sure to satisfy your requirements – you only need ask!


A Brief History:

The company started off as a street trader in the middle east in 1948, however it found a more permanent physical home when Mahmoud Khubieh and his son Jamal Khubieh took the bold step of moving the business to the European island of Cyprus in the early 1990’s.

The year 2001 was critical in Aratex Trading’s internationalisation as the Russian market was first penetrated. Utilising strategic partnerships with large distributors who successfully promoted our shirting and lining items, the company was able to hit the ground running and rapidly looked to expand its coverage of the region. Following this success, Aratex Trading endeavoured to add work-wear items to its product portfolio in 2005 and thanks to our products’ characteristic superior quality has become an experienced, reputable and respected player in the Russian market.

A decade later and the latest international expansion took place. In 2014 Aratex Textile Trading established its offices in Dubai, UAE. From here the company has been able to service the Arabian Gulf’s popular markets and continue to satisfy new customers whilst retaining our trademark commitment to our partners both upstream and downstream in the textile industry.

The work ethic started by Mahmoud Khubieh’s humble beginnings in 1948 has been passed on to subsequent generations and his influence is still felt in the day to day operations of our international network of offices. This modesty extends not only to our internal interactions, but to our attitudes toward our customers, suppliers and competitors. More than 50 years after its inauguration, Aratex Textile Trading is still happy to serve.