Aratex Textile Trading prides itself on a reputable and comprehensive selection of suppliers. This network is vital in keeping our customers satisfied and allows all client requests to be met successfully.

Being in the business for half a century has given the company a competitive advantage when it comes to negotiating the best deal possible for our valued clients. The longstanding and mutually beneficial nature of our supplier relationships has even seen Aratex earn the privilege of exclusivity on certain items coming into Eastern Europe.

As an extra assurance regarding the quality of products, Aratex Textile Trading boasts a network of offshore offices that work closely with the origin factories to ensure our customers get exactly what they asked for.

Aratex Textile Trading is your total solution for work-wear, shirting, suiting, and lining needs. We enjoy a comprehensive variety of different weightings, densities, finishings, constructs, and compositions.

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